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Personalized ComputerComfort™ Glasses

Glasses $59.00

EYEQ.ITY ComputerComfort™ Glasses make interacting with computers for long periods of time easier and more comfortable. We will customize your glasses to give you optimized clarity and comfort to reduce squinting and tension.

ComputerComfort™ Glasses are customized for you featuring our EYEQ.ITY Complete lenses! They are digitally measured for your eyes to assure the sweet spot of the lenses are placed right where you need them.

With our ComfortSight™ Promise, you can try them risk free! We’re so sure your eyes will be more relaxed while you work, search and play on your computer that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Make computer time easy reading time

Select from any frame in stock, use your existing frame or one purchased elsewhere and enjoy the experience of ComfortComputer™ eyewear for just $59.00. Your ComfortComputer™ glasses will have individualized lens magnification strengths digitally measured to match you.

You will receive the EYEQ.ITY Complete lens which includes:

  • Polycarbonate (lightweight, strong material resulting in thinner impact resistant lenses)
  • No-Glare lens feature
  • UV protection
  • Polished edges
  • Impact resistant
  • Manufactured and Inspected to exceed the highest industry quality standards


ComputerComfort™ glasses are for people who don’t require distance correction. They are also ideal for bifocal wearers who are challenged by the limitations of seeing at the intermediate range. The No-Glare feature helps reduce the harshness of fluorescent lights in office environments or glare from the computer screen.


Our ComputerComfort™ glasses provide a clean, crisp viewing experience with less squinting and blurred vision. You will enjoy more refreshed and relaxed eyes while spending time working, playing or just spending time on the computer.